Love confession

-So, here you are. It’s time you know. I love you more than anything else. And I did all this and everything for you. Yeah, it’s just you and me.

-What? Why me, out of all the rest of all these people ? Can’t be. It would be unfair. And a lot of them are a nicer, and smarter, and cuter. And so much more loveable.

-I don’t need any of that, I gave you all that you need and I want.

-You do realise this sounds creepy, don’t you?

-Well, we both like creepy, don’t we?

-But you’re supposed to have created all of us equal or something. And to love us the same.

-Yeah they are all equal. And then, there’s you.


-Sshh. It’s time we fly now.

-No.. It’s some delusion of grandeur, I’m hallucinating, it’s an ego-trip. I’m just like everybody else.

-Come if you want. But you will come ultimately. You can play here some more if you want. I’m not going anywhere. It’s whenever you say you’re ready 🙂


“Magic is the hacking of one’s own mind…”

“Magic is the hacking of one’s own mind.(…)The author is not responsible for any damage that may occur…”

Psychonaut Field Manual: A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick

I included an excerpt from the guide: The introduction, and Levels 1 and 3, to give you an aperçu 🙂

(So don’t follow these steps here; there are steps missing in between)

Intro LEvel1 Level3