“Magic is the hacking of one’s own mind…”

“Magic is the hacking of one’s own mind.(…)The author is not responsible for any damage that may occur…”

Psychonaut Field Manual: A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick

I included an excerpt from the guide: The introduction, and Levels 1 and 3, to give you an aperçu 🙂

(So don’t follow these steps here; there are steps missing in between)

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Reality: so bad..or not?

Reality is..the thing that is not exactly, not always, how you’d like it to be. You know..like a perfect love with no issues, like being able to make money from what you love doing, like living in harmony with everyone friends and family, having a perfect body and face and health, having others recognize your worth, not having to deal with anger and sadness, and all the ideal shit..

Reality is where everything doesn’t fit in with what You want.

It’s funny how reality has this negative connotation about it. Like…when everything is awesome, you feel like it’s ‘magical’, you say it’s like a dream you’re living, it’s like anything but reality. Because reality is painful, reality is not perfect. Reality is problematic. Reality puts an end to your dream.
But…but..then again, this is only because it doesn’t answer to your wishes and desires, and doesn’t match your definitions of how things should be, how You should be. So, if you don’t have any requests, any demand about how stuff should be like, to please your little being, then..reality is fine. Reality is just what it is. We won’t have any problem with it. It loses its negative connotations. And then, we don’t need drugs any more to escape from reality, we don’t seek refuge in food, we don’t need to run away abroad, we don’t get bored and look for something better to do, we don’t cry in love, we don’t kick and scream at our lover because he’s not loving us well enough, we don’t hate our parents because they’re so fucked up, we don’t desperately try to find a way out of reality. Reality is no more at our heels, trying to eat up our dreams. Reality kind of becomes livable. Like we’re in it and at peace with it.
But are we ready to give up our ideas of what we want so badly all the time? music to listen to in the bus. better food than what is in the kitchen. more money. material stuff. spiritual stuff. a cigarette. a joint. love. sex. God. Enlightenment. Power. Freedom.

Unless there is this thing that is ultimate reality where you actually see that everything is exactly how ‘you’ want it to be. but this i don’t know.

Grasping reality, unlearning stuff

– I feel horrible. I feel like I’m losing you. I’m scared.

– What? You know I’m here and I love you. It’s all in your head, don’t you worry about that.

– It’s in my head. Exactly. If losing you is in my head, then having you too could be in my head. And the more I think of it, the more it seems that that is how it is actually. It’s all in my head, and whatever I conceive of existing outside of it, well it isn’t there. There is nothing else outside my head. And I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. You know it’s like how I always take this example where I’m looking at this chocolate cake and you’re looking at it too. But you’re seeing a cheesecake. And I think you’re seeing a chocolate cake too. And you think I’m seeing a cheesecake too. But there is no way of seeing it from the same perspective. And we keep on talking about the same object thinking we are talking about the same thing we are seeing, but we are not. And that is kind of alienating. You think you share something. But for that person, that thing is a something else totally. So you’re not sharing anything in the end. It’s like that popular question, “How do you know that your red looks like my red?”

And that brings me to think we are all very alone in our mind-created worlds, full of subjectivity and influences we’ve been exposed to since childhood, that have shaped our conception of the world, our view of the world. Taking an almost impossible hypothetical situation where all influences and subjectivity have been kept to a null value, then the resulting or non-resulting image of the world is going to be as close to the actual object, taking the world to be the object, and our image of it as a mathematical transformation.

The next important question is: can we undo the influences that came to be stuck onto us? If yes, is it through a conscious or unconscious effort? What would support the ‘yes’ answer to the question are the latest scientific findings about how our genes are able to rewrite themselves, and how our neural networks are constantly rewiring connections, ceasing old ones, making new ones, etc.