Love, Art and God: 3 things that I have found myself constantly seeking since childhood. and the 3 things that I never seem to capture completely, but almost. They are always escaping through the spaces between my fingers, and every time they leave, they leave me with this insatiable crave for more. And so, I can never really give up, no matter how hard I try. And it’s always one of these 3.
Each one has shown me the wonders of the world and the deep anguish felt with the absence of it or the craving for it.
This blog is a way to represent this ebb and flow, the highs and lows, the beauty and blues that Love, Art and God bring to my life, through
experiences, thoughts, ideas, wishes, dreams, solutions, love, art, and god.

And about me ?
Malina, born 7th February 1993, in love with Rambo (7th February 1988), from
Mauritius, the brain in class, but also who loves traPhoto on 01-02-15 at 1.23 pmvelling, seeing new faces, making new friends, trying new things, but also the very old, ancient stuff. Very curious about the reality and workings of culture and conditioning of man, searching for answers. A universal theory maybe? Or simply solutions to both the deep and practical questions – sustainable and enlightening solutions – to make man’s life easier, but without negatively affecting the rest of the universe and nature.


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