Kali, Gil Bab

Kali was here.

Not mounted on my crown like an Orisha but permeating through all the physical and energy channels on my limbs, body, spine and head, exploding from within my cells, her spirit overtaking mine, so much creative energy, power, chaos, it’s self consuming but so cathartic, allowing this Kali divine energy to be expressed. Then, the music hit. Soothing the Goddess’s turbulent tornado of power, calming and guiding, Shiva lay on her path at her feet. Gil baba’s music, like shamanic guidance, became Shiva energy, attending to this wild burst of Kali, who was herself manifested through me with Gil’s music, my dance, trance. That’s one thing that stayed on my mind for a bit of the day: it’s not him creating a magnificent spectacle. It’s each of us here being ourselves the best we can to make this show together by bending, twisting the structures of our realities to shape the common, shared one. It’s each of us; it’s my shot at playing with this creative dough, pull it as far as I want, do anything I want with it, twist time and space with it, navigate beautiful lands, pull strings of love from everyone’s hearts around and bring, bind them together; and the dough has magical powers, it turns into reality. It’s the reality dough. And both Gil and I and everyone had their share of the dough with which we were playing and which was creating the show of what we were all experiencing then and there.


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