Death, Separation Anticipations

I saw this video of a dog which had recently died, and its dog friend was trying to wake it up again, very vigorously.

I could not but feel sad about this event that is death. This is not normal to me. I generally take death to be just part of life and I always say that I look forward to mine because I know it is merely a reshuffling of elements, because ‘I’ my true self can never cease to exist, no matter whether I have a bodily envelope, human envelope, mental, or spiritual envelope.

But it also made me feel so far away from my parents. I realized that we have limited time together on this Earth; together, me as their child, them as my parents, my dad as my dad, my mom as my mom. We live away from each other, and think it’s for the good of our (my) future.

I imagine myself suddenly dying (because I cannot imagine it happening to any of them) and immediately I feel and I know it is (going to be) such a tremendously difficult goodbye to say.

Can I do anything better than what I am doing right now so that this good bye will be without too many regrets about what I should have done better when I had the time with them..

CW: sad sad death video




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