He is happy. So am I.

He is happy.
She is awesome. She is the best thing that could have happened to him.
Better than I could be to him? With more love to offer to him than how much is overflowing from my heart? My emotions and my desire to be with him try to convince me that the answer is no; she does not love him more, no, she is not the best thing that could happen to him; with all the love I have for him, I am better.
So, I close the doors to the emotions of my heart and the intuition that exudes from it.
This emotion is replaced by.. or transmuted into (or maybe it is, in the first place, driven by) a larger feeling of love for him: I care enough for his happiness and have enough love for him, I tell myself, that it is more worthwhile to allow him this perfect love with his sweetheart.


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