non?Dual me

I have had a taste of the stench of evil and of the exquisite nectar of divinity both in my own being. I am neither or both. Those who know me at my sweetest, have had a glimpse of the dark pit of horror that I can be. Those who have known me moderately and appreciate me, have passingly or subconsciously caught a whiff of my ugliness.  (I try to hide it most of the time because it stinks and burns and enshrouds both my and others’ eyes with a sulphurous dark veil of ignorance and hate). My own eyes tell me that I know only a fraction of all the potential they hide in their depths. I try not to choose the evil when I tap into the powers that inhabit me. But I know that I am not snow-pure-white-good only and being reminded of this helps not to demonize the darkness when I see it and to be on my guards everytime I start to think I’m on the good side and take a saintly-superhero-ego trip, separating myself from and looking down upon evil, ignorant others. The darkness that I have experienced in the world, that I can see around; it is within me as well. I can be either. I am both. How bright do you want to shine? How big, dark and cold a shadow do you want to cast?


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