How to love without letting your ego get in the way?

  1. Say sorry when you least want to (even if it feels like as impossible as the most unsurmountable thing you can think of.)
  2. Make the first move when you’re convinced (s)he has to.
  3. Stop being butthurt about not being enough ___ or being too ___ by the person. [Realize that once you remove the butthurt one out of the picture, there is no problem. (if it’s an ego-problem) ]
  4. Remember it’s peace and happiness you want, and these won’t come to you unless you let go of the grudges and generate positive vibes towards him/her (which will be reflected back to you, btw)
  5. Don’t listen to the whining of yourself saying how you deserve better.
  6. Say what you really think and feel, no matter how stupid, desperate, or rude you think it is. (It’s generally ok, if you’re truly feeling it, and saying it clears misunderstandings on both sides)
  7. Make a move! An act of kindness and love. No matter how small. An honest one. Anything. A message, a little ❤ , a call, a post on his wall, a gesture, a song, a smile.

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