Truth and Niceness and Cruelty

Being nice is a good thing, yes. Flattering their ego and not offending them is all cool. It’s what we are told is the good thing to do. But the truth is the biggest form of love you can offer to someone. Even if it means looking like a cruel, horrible person. It’s not just about nice and comfy emotions. it’s also jolting them to see what is. It’s being honest to the truth that surrounds you and animates you. It’s saying ‘no, thank you’, or ‘fuck you’ when you feel these things. This is the truth, isn’t it? Truth is all there is in the present, good or bad. exactly the way it’s happening.


Blue-faced girl

I had a dream last night of a girl who kept saying her boyfriend’s running here and there, and abruptly doing weird things. We were a group of people hanging out in some station merged with a Fire station. The girl just appeared occasionally so I didn’t mind her. I just thought her boyfriend is probably tensed. Then, we went to attend a speech by the Queen Elizabeth of England in a church. There were many other religious leaders from organizations like buddhism to tiny sects. Then the girl went mad. She seemed to be bad-tripping. But without having ingested anything. It’s like her brain just snapped. And i tried to be her sitter and help her. Then her face turned blue- painted blue. And she sat there like that, not very graceful. Photographs were taking her pictures, because she seemed to be very attention-captivating, very intense. I asked them not to publish the pics without asking her later, because she isn’t in her normal state. They talked to me about her state, one photographer saying “i’ve tripped a lot and i’ve seen bad trips.. it’s sad but she hasn’t consumed anything, so how and when will this subside? i don’t know.” I seemed to be able to coax her only very slightly to calm down, she wasn’t mad. She was just very scared and disturbed and something had snapped.

Vihangam Yoga

Vihangam” literally means “bird”. Just as a bird leaves its base on the earth to fly high in the sky, so does Vihangam Yoga enable the human Soul (Atma) to cut off its moorings in the Prakriti(phenomenal world) and realize its true and free nature.”

“In Vihangam Yoga the mind is lifted to its source, the Akshara Brahma where it is permanently quietened, just like a river losing its identity in the ocean. Once the soul is freed from bondage of the mind, it realises its true nature and stops identifying itself with the human body. In fact, the soul then acts as the master and guides the mind and the body in the way it likes. Having realised the futility of worldly pleasures, derived through the sense organs and their objects, it soars higher in search of the Absolute Bliss (Paramananda). It is then only that the real meditation of Vihangam Yoga starts, terminating in Samādhi, the ultimate aim of Yoga of meeting with the Supreme Soul. In this state the soul has attained liberation while residing in the body itself (Jivanmukti).”
from Wikipedia on Vihangam Yoga