Creativity through Procrastination

Like you’re so freaking cool and awesome to new people you meet. But to the old ones, you’re like such a prick in the ass.

Not you, i mean, me.. I should stop talking to myself. Or to my newsfeed. But it’s just like posting stuff, pictures and memes. Yeah make believe it’s art too. Random, creative reflections and writing and status-updating. If i say it’s art, who can say it’s not?


Magic’s Nemesis

Once there was Magic. And then its nemesis, Routine made its appearance. Now it’s stealing the show.

Love or Substances or Love-Substances

“It’s not love or a lover that you need; it’s substances and a dealer.”

“Well, if you want to get technical, love and happiness are also substances: chemical hormones in your brain; oxytocin and dopamine.”

” -_- No chance of catching you complaining your man’s not living up to your fairytale-like romantic fantasies, uh?”

My Ex-Boyfriends by Soko

This is Soko:

This woman’s personality, innocence, childishness and surreality resonates so beautifully with all that I feel deep inside.

From My Ex-Boyfriends:

“No, you don’t even deserve to have your name in a crap song
So i wont say your names…

“The name of number two
Started with a K
It should have started with a C
But he thought K was cooler”