Souls and love and timelessness and just Knowing.

Because my nou is the sweetest, most innocent, naughtiest and most mischievous and adorable. And he is all the world needs to function. And to stop sometimes. My world, at least. And without him, is a concept not known to my soul yet. And since my soul is not bound by limitations of time, it has experienced all the times ever possible in the multiverse, and it knows, this concept does not exist, anywhere, at any time. There was never without you, nor will there ever be. You are here with me, you are me. I am myself only to be able to sit back and look at you separate from me, but you’re not. I am you.



My Christmas 2014 Wishlist – Updated :)

My (unrealistic) Christmas Wishlist:

1) A trip to South ‘Murica

2) A trip to any country

3) A trip in this country ✓

4) Headphones  ✓

5) The real, organic Salvia

6) Any prolonged, happy trip in/with the mind ✓

7) A playlist of perfect new music

8) Art supplies (and some talent too)

9) Quality time with friends and lover ❤ ✓

10) And a white eyeliner.

11) And maybe, Enlightenment and none of the above.