In 2027, there was the dissolution of all country frontiers on Earth, and out of this, came the establishment of the United States of the Earth.

People were a little apprehensive in the beginning. After all, the British people were to renounce their British citizenship, Americans were no longer going to be the first power on the planet, the Chinese would be put in the same boat as the Japanese, Taiwanese, Tibetan and all the people they had been persecuting and fighting all this time. North Koreans were to be no longer distinguished from South Koreans, and even worse, from the whole world. The Russians would have to belong to the entire world, no more little secrets, and the vodka had to be shared with the world. South Americans, the black, the brown and the white could all go up through the Midwest, the northeastern coast, anywhere they’d like to, with or without papers. Israel and Palestine were to give up all the years of struggle; they had to give up what they had been fervently fighting for and against. The very grounds of their fight, (the ownership of a piece of land) had been pulled right under their feet: there was no country anymore to claim to possess whatever piece of land anywhere on the planet.

Despite people’s initial apprehension, very quickly, to be British or French or Iranian or Israeli or Australian or Indian had become obsolete. The distinctions between different people coming from different parts of the world had become the equivalent to the distinctions between people coming from different states in what was the US for example: the difference between an ex-German and an ex-South African felt like nothing more than the difference between a US citizen from the state of Virginia and another one from Florida. Or more simply it was just like differences between northerners and southerners of a country. Except it was a huge country. And it was the size of the planet.

The idea of the world as one huge country, which had to have a name and other things that go with ‘nationality’ like a national anthem or other symbolic emblems, also slowly and smoothly glided into non-existence. The reason was that the symbolic things as such had an existential value only as long as there was a sense of nationality to uphold against other nationalities; a distinguishing agent to draw the line between one and others. But now, with only one country, the others, if there had to be any, were automatically outside of the planet. And that was out of the sphere of immediate concern. It is like one of those things, those concepts which when are numerous, have an existential value, but when reduced to the singular, obsoletes altogether the concept. It is a bit like if the concept of a country was made equivalent to the concept of a subset. There are many subsets in one set. Now if all the subsets were to merge together to become one big whole subset, it would no longer be appropriate to call it a subset. The whole concept of the subset becomes obsolete in this case. The same applies to the countries merging into one big country. The whole concept of a country becomes obsolete, as does what goes with it: nationality-related stuff, patriotism, etc.

A refreshing blow that came with the change was that suddenly xenophobia was decapitated. Because each and every portion of land all around the globe was as much one’s country as it was any other person’s, no one had the deluded thought that whatever place was more ‘home’ to him than to the next. The usual xenophobes had the carpet pulled under their feet and nothing to do other than accept the situation. Initially there were a few skeptics though, fearing there might be some pigheaded fools who would try to create a sort of hatred-fuelled resistance and maintain distinctions between people. ( A bit like the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil war who were trying to oppose black emancipation and retain white supremacy). However in this case, people had to face it, they were getting much more benefits from the abolition of country frontiers, themselves and that outweighed by far their sense of nationality and hatred for ‘foreigners’. For these two things, (which again like the Ku Klux Klan was already a lost battle,) they wouldn’t be ready to trade all the benefits and opportunities they were getting.

Also, wars about appropriation of territory, oil, gold, diamonds, and all those things that caused wars between countries usually, had no reason to be anymore. Because there was no country to fight against. All the energy and resources of the planet belonged to the whole planet and to its inhabitants throughout. Those huge budget allocations to the military also had to be reduced to their minute fractions, because again, there was no country to defend and no country to attack, no other army and no enemies to fight. The best the military could do was keep guard against improbably evil aliens. As for the rest, the work was largely relegated to the duties of the police force: to implement local laws among citizens and keep order.

Food suddenly also became plentiful in parts of the world that were lacking in it previously, and in other richer parts, the amount of wastage was considerably reduced. Food started to be distributed more and more evenly throughout the world and many people were surprised at the bounty of the Earth, especially people in Africa and poor places of China, India and other parts of Asia. Food didn’t have to be imported and exported anymore; it was just transported from one part of the world to the other.

The whole concept of import and export was flushed down the drains, be it in matters of food, vehicles, goods, services and what not. The taxes were reduced to a strict minimum as there was no balance to keep in those matters. Self-sufficiency was just something natural that no one had to worry about. Nature’s bounty was felt by everyone again.

I let you image what else could come from this new set up of planet earth…


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