The difference between a believer and an atheist

The believer does not believe in God more than does the atheist.

And the atheist does not believe in God less than does the believer.

Because you cannot choose to believe.

Now, first let’s define the word to believe. The dictionary says it is ‘to accept that something is true’, ‘to feel sure of the truth of’.

Whether or not you believe something depends on the information you possess about the matter, and then if it is convincing enough, you will be convinced and will accept as truth what is put forward. If not, despite your willingness to adhere to the matter, and accept it, you cannot do with your doubts or with the conviction of the opposite. So ultimately, you cannot choose to believe. What you can choose however, is to tell yourself and others that this (how you want it to be despite the truth) is the way, is the truth. And you can fool yourself and others for a long time with that, going again and again on a merry-go-round.

The thing remains that neither the atheist nor the believer knows more about God than any other person, than the Pope, or than the most pious of Brahmins or the Buddhist monk, than your parents, than yourself. They/we all have a collection of data concerning God; all religions, and sects, and science, and philosophy, and mythology; but none can prove to you the existence of God; show you God and make it undeniable. You can associate unexplained happenings to the existence of God, and stuff like the beginning of the universe, miracles, our helplessness in the face of birth and death, which are under the control of something other than us, as the proof of God’s existence ; but that is only your association; it does not confirm any more or less the validity of it.

So ultimately, both the atheist and the believer are at the same standpoint; if you look at it strictly from point of their actual belief; their conviction, upon which they cannot exercise any control; both are at the same position.

Both have the same information about God; but none has really seen him.

What differentiates them is only that one chooses to say to himself and to others that God exists, without being in possession of any fool-proof proof; while the other says no God does not exist; without being more sure of the existence or non-existence of God.


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